Let’s Show our Work, or WIP! Part 2



I did another warming layer, do you think it’s an improvement?
I use GHSP so if not, I can always take it off.


omg wish I could paint her like that


I love it! I would’ve painted mine nice and pink like that but she was a custom! Here’s how mine looked before varnish,hair and brows, all of which she has now but her glue is drying and I need more poly fill


I love the rainbow of colors in these little faces! Is your Azalea going to be for sale?


Thank you!! I go wild with the colors- can’t stop myself!! This hobby is just off the charts enjoyable:) She will hopefully the beginning of next week:) I’m hoping to root her over the weekend- maybe dark brown hair??


I think that medium to dark brown hair would be perfect! I also tend to hypercolor my dolls, especially my keepers. If you do decide to sell Azalea, PM me :slight_smile:


You are too kind. Thank you


I will do that:) I’ll have to peak around and see if I can find any of your dollies to look at on here:) I LOVE them with color lavished all over them also:)


Almost done
I didn’t think I was going to like this kit so much, but I’m loving him. I can’t wait to finish him.
Phone flash

Sun light

His color is between both pictures.
Some details and he is done :heart_eyes:


Very nice and your photos are great!


Awe, he is so Cute !!! What sculpt is he?


He is Lola Reborn by Philomena Donnelly


Oh, He is just adorable !! Great job !!


Thank you


beautiful outfit!


Thank you Pia:)


He looks great!


Thank you :slight_smile:


I am on a Regina Swialkowski roll right now LOL!!
2 ready made girls coming for sale
wip Lena and first pics Kathy :slight_smile:


OMG @mcurbelo. I love him! You are doing an awesome job on him!