Let’s Show our Work, or WIP! Part 2


I think it looks proportionate.


These kids got their first sunny photos outside because 1. They have new soft touch varnish and 2. This is the first time the sun has really shined in a month!


Looks awesome! What kit is that?


I say boy because this kit always reminds me of my own little preemie Caedmon. Yours is looking very much like a real preemie. :heart_eyes:


Wow, look at that likeness!


Ohmygosh! Your little boy is precious:) thanks for sharing that photo!


Thank you! Do you think he needs anything else? I’m getting ready to seal


That is Sharlamae by Bonnie Brown


Skin texture on this sweet face;)


Nope, I think he’s perfect! Love him!


Love your painting style!


Thank you:)


So nice! I love the color of your babies. They look so real. If you don’t mind, how do you get them the more yellow color without them going orange, at least in some places? I constantly fight with my babies going orange when I try to get more yellow, and blue and purple washes don’t do enough to cut it for me.


May I ask what you use for texture?


Ethan Russell


You are sooooo close!! Looks beautiful!!


Thank you💕


He is so real looking!


Does that belly plate come with that kit? He looks adorable:) what size is he?


I skip putting red layers over the areas that I want to look more yellow- towards the end I’ll do one or two yellow washes- I also brush panpastels on those areas to really make them pop! Sometimes I have to go back and tone my yellow down some- I go wild and sometimes they start looking like clown babies;)