Let’s Show our Work, or WIP! Part 2


Wip of newborn Joseph n ladybug, big joes head n Lillian heads in the back ground. I threw them to the side months ago. I think I’m gonna change his eye color. He is biracial.


I don’t think he looks “dolly” I love him, you did a great job…reminds me of Saskia, in a way.


Here is my Ethon and my April #2 (another red head) custom who are both heading home this morning.


I like him with the human eyes.
Joseph awake works so well for alternative babies. Ive been saving mine to make my adult niece (a huge HP fan) a Harry Potter to take when I go home in October. My last one was made from a 6 month Grant. I think Joseph will make a perfect Harry :wink:


Thanks! I used ivy’s body on her instead of the recommended one.


I like him with the human eyes.


Too fun! How cute is that :heart:


He is a heart stealer! How did you apply the dots so consistently?


Look at all those babies😍. I love your Joseph. He looks good with those eyes.


Looks great so far!


I like the human eyes…very cute!


I now use bright pink ones from Irresistibles


Shelby is going to his new home :slightly_smiling_face:


The outfit- the blanket- that sweet newborn face- the lighting and mood in the pics- just perfect! He looks so sweet:)


Spending a lazy day rooting Azalea again- her head seems so big after rooting little Maia!


Ahh thanks! I am definitely going to use these ones for his my nursery page. I wanted to get him something special and he’s going to the tippy top of Maine, so the whales are fitting!


Rooting is awesome too, but that skin texture is the bomb!


More WIP Lena (doing Lena with Katie Marie limbs)
ready made, now sold
needs face detailing work




She’s a beauty:)