Let’s Show our Work, or WIP! Part 2


@RabbidBunnies I used a ‘dotting tool’ with a round metal ending which came with one of the set cosmetic brushes. If you need, I’ll take a pic when I’ll get home or find that order on Amazon.


Oh nice, I received one of those with mine too. Thank you :grin:


Beautiful skin tones!


Beautiful babies!


I think he looks wonderful. This is one of my favorite sculpts. He is a hard one to find the right eyes but I really like what you have chosen. I don’t think he is dolly looking. Dress him in one of your beautiful knitted outfits and he will be perfect.


Thank you


Thanks :slight_smile:
I did add 3 more mottling colours …I’ll post pics soon. I Ike it better!


So cute💕They’re looking really good.


Thank you!


I would think a purplish-red mixed with some burnt umber would bring them into the color scheme nicely. Maybe someone who knows lots more than I do about AAs can help more!


She’s so pretty


Eloisa WIP


@Mommarobin love her!


Thank you


Thank you


Thank you. I have a mixture similar to what you mentioned. I’ll try it eventually.


Wow, he’s amazing!!! I love him!!! Awesome job!


So close!


Hes adorable, Im sure his Mommy will be very happy. Time to make business cards if you haven’t done that yet ;). I just recently made some and my husband and I ended up packing up three babies without sending any because we did not add them to the baby packing list LOL. I sent some with my last two :wink:


Looking good…I have to paint her next for a custom order, Im dreading rooting that hard head. Are you going to root yours?