Let’s Show our Work, or WIP! Part 2


@Mommarobin I think he’s adorable! Your coloring is awesome and I love his arm rolls! There are lots of other sculpts that look much more dolly to me! I like this one, who is he?


@PaperCityDolls OMG that hair :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I’m pretty sure I will…I don’t do that great with painted hair yet



It’s the Sharlamae, by Bonnie Brown…an older sculpt


OMG I knew he looked familiar! I looked for that sculpt a while back, sad that she is not easy to find!


Sweet, sweet!!


Added 3 more mottled. I like it a lot better!


He is just adorable !!


thank you :slight_smile:


thank you :slight_smile: I haven’t made this sculpt in a long time, forgot how much I liked her/him


@Tessa Thank you. I said I will never paint another one as this process was so much time consuming, but I am not under any pressure or hurry, and I tried so many new things on him that now that I know what not to do and what supply I need to buy I do want to paint another one in more avatarish way (wow! that is a long sentence which is allowed and encouraged in Russian grammar, not very sure that it’s understandable in English).


@Mommarobin Aww, he is adorable! Where you able to find Americana soft varnish? You will love it and he will be awesome with that!



He is adorable!!! I love this kit!


I have some coming in the mail


So sweet!


Than you!


WIP Holly- I’m either thinking a Victorian little girl with a handmade crochet outfit or a bald little boy.
Bought the green eyes from B.B. and I think they have changed I don’t remember them looking like this but am I wrong? Not sure.


She’s very pretty!


Looks very beautiful.