Let’s Show our Work, or WIP! Part 2


Thank you!


Next summer it’s on like donkey Kong! I’ll have plenty of prep time- thanks again for your encouragement!:slight_smile:


I’m going to get one- it will so fun meeting all you ladies in here in person and oogling over all the sweet dollies:) my birthday is in July- so every year I tell myself it will be a birthday present for myself;) since I’m summer baby- next year though- I’m excited even now just thinking about it:)


Little Archie- finally getting pics- these are from my iPhone- it’s so much easier just using my cell- does anyone else make eBay auctions and just use cell pics?I wish I could just use my cell and save myself all the editing ect with my pro camera. It takes me a couple hours if I use my pro camera and resize everything ect


I’ve not seen a ginger Levi before. Yours is spectacular!


Will you post his eBay link please? :partying_face:


I have to share this pic- I saw a lady on Instagram do this with a real baby and I had to try it out;) coffee and dolls- my favs;)


Yes I will:) he will be on eBay tomorrow around 6-7 I’ll figure out how to post his link on here somewhere- I’m going to try to use cell pics- you guys please tell me if they look awful and I’ll go back to using my pro camera- :slight_smile:


Thank you!!


Do you have an Instagram? I keep coming back to stare at your babies :heart_eyes:


Decided to check reborns before going to bed. Glad I did. Azalea just sold! :grin:




Thank you! Yes, I do:) I just started one @paper_city_dolls


Do you have an IG for your dollies? If so- I’ll definitely follow!:slight_smile:


@PaperCityDolls Very cute shot!




Ooo yayy gonna go follow you right now! Mine is @picketfencebabies


@Katinafleming Told you so! Congratulations! But I predict that you’ll miss him :slight_smile:


K- I’ll go find you:)


Congrats on your sale…what a cutie!
Im still rooting my sour puss, she’s a red head :wink: