Let’s Show our Work, or WIP! Part 2


Hes beautiful!
Like I said, I love red heads…I have several of them and am rooting my Azalea with some new red hair that I bought from the Quirky Chromatist. Im going to do another Levi and a Chase soon, definitely making my next Levi a blonde.


Wow! That skin tone is amazing!


I am sooo happy for you! Let me know how they react to the genders reveal.


Oooo! Post a pic of your Azalea with red hair! I haven’t done Chase before- but I’ve made a couple Levi’s. My last one had sparse blonde newborn hair. They seem to sell quickly- he’s the cutest little thing:)


Your babies are so gorgeous :blush:


I have one that no one wants. I tried rooting more hair in the front but still have not sold him. I think I may dress him as a girl and take more pics of him tomorrow and Im going to dress my 3 month awake Joe as a boy and see if that helps her/his sale. I have my new Dominic to post so Ill take pictures of all three.
Here is my WIP Azalea…I still have a lot of work to do. Thanks to my diseases, lately I have not been able to root for very long without getting shooting pains in my arm. I figured it out that its from holding the hair in between my thumb and finger, it irritates the tendon that runs up my arm…I need to find some way to hold the hair without involving my thumb. Ive seen a couple ideas but none seem to work for me. It helps if I take breaks and stretch my arm and thumb…my Voltaran cream helps too :wink:

This is my unwanted Levi


he’s lovely and love his outfit but would take different pics (not because these aren’t good) but just for a change and bet he finds Mommy… BOL


Here is his listing on Reborns https://www.reborns.com/item/67460/10
It was one of my customers…my favourite customer who I am currently making 3 more babies for…she has 10 of them already LOL, who told me that maybe I should dress him as a girl. He is very soft so maybe he will make a good girl :wink:


I totally was going to suggest that, but didn’t want to sound forward… it just takes one buyer to have him/her speak to them…go for it!!!

edited to add, I also would try him/her in a bright color.I have his coloring, and that shade blue is not my color… just an idea :slight_smile:


I just got some really cute dresses on Etsy so, fingers crossed :wink:


fingers crossed <3


WIP on Patience


So exciting!


@lil I remember those amazing fingers! April, may I suggest to change his main picture to the 4th one in your listing.
Same with Joseph. See suggested photos below. Main picture with vertical baby position always looks more eye catching.
Another suggestion to group all your babies that not adopted yet to show in the beginning of your listing. Now they are all mixed and some people might not scrolling farther down than first 2 rows.

I would buy all your babies!


I seem to have gotten more responses on Joseph since I changed his picture to the one I have up now. I just changed Levi’s picture…I rotate them on a regular basis. I think Ive used all of his LOL. I am taking “girl” pics of her tomorrow. I just put my AA Dominic together so I will be doing a photo shoot tomorrow but thank you so much for the suggestions :slight_smile:


Oh my word. This Levi tugs at my heart!


Thank you so much:) YOUR babies are SPECTACULAR!


I love him!! Great job!!




Your Azalea has the perfect skin tone for red hair! And- that Levi looks great- I always swap the gender of I have to relist more than once- that usually does the trick:)