Let’s Show our Work, or WIP! Part 2


Wow you have really set her off well with the blushing and lashes!


If I knitted that, I would not have any time to reborn! I’m so slow. He looks great!


Oh wow!!! Would you sell something like that? Or do you just make them (knitted/crochet) for yourself?


Your coloring is perfection!


A little glue and I am done for tonight.


you ever complete this one ? did I just miss the assembled one ?


Currently working on Big Joe. Paint is not sticking to finger tips or toes. GHSP. Any tips???


Just beautiful!


I’m trying to make some to sell, but everything I make gets used by my babies/dolls. I need a lot more time in my day (or I need to knit super fast)


I work 10 hrs a day (in home child care), so I can’t paint much while kiddies are here, but I can knit


Love, love those lashes!!


What a gorgeous complexion,


Well should you ever feel “caught up,” I’d be super interested in buying some pieces from you. Your babies are very lucky :slight_smile:


@Mommarobin Lucky you!




Thanks you.


I love this little onesie! Just need to make a bolero and booties to go with it


I painted that kit. But I made it into a boy.


That is precious! :heart:


@Mommarobin That is perfect and sooo cute just on it’s own! I need to figure out how to knit them. Is it an opening on the back?