Let’s Show our Work, or WIP! Part 2


thank you :slight_smile:


thank you :slight_smile:


@Mommarobin love the red against his skintone, your cheeks look so good!


Yes, opened on the back




That is perfection! Makes the babies/dolls appear even cuddlier and the color would make the skin tone pop.


Aw that is very cute, and gender neutral I think


Yes, I was making it for Jaycee, but it can also fit Eloisa…just in case someone wants her as a girl


So adorable!


This doll will be the death of me! :laughing: If I can get the paint to stick to toes and finger tips i can say I am done!

I don’t even really like the limbs on this kit so I am tempted to just forget the limbs and make a cuddle baby.


Just finished luxe! Onto a another kit :wink:



Alexiaxoxo you didn’t like his limbs? I loved his chunky arms and legs/feet etc.


No because the paint is not sticking! :laughing: I might like them better once the paint decides to stick! :stuck_out_tongue: I am about to give myself a break I have been trying every method I can think of and I am about burnt out on this kit.


Do you use air-dry paint? Because I didn’t have any trouble and I use GHSP.


No. GHSP I bought a 2nds kit off Ebay so I am wondering now that I am thinking about it if that has anything at all to do with it?


I hear he makes an excellent cuddle baby. I have new born June and she has side loading legs like Joe and 7 month June. I discovered that I don’t care for them. Still, 7 mth June’s face kills me and I have to remind myself that I won’t like her to stop me from buying her kit.


I think the limbs look unrealistic… so wont buy it


@Alexiaxoxo Well if you prepped your kit, that must be the problem. That must be very frustrating!


it is! I always prep the kits. The paint will go on but when I pounce with the cosmetic wedge it just comes right off. The head took to the paint just beautifully. and it’s just the tips of the toes and fingers that is giving me a fit.


Anyway…I have Aurora Sky WIP…