Let’s Show our Work, or WIP! Part 2


Started out with test heads wanting to try ethnic and biracial skin tones. When I finished I couldn’t bring myself to just put them away. So tonight these 2 sweet cuddle babies were born!


@Simone Love her!


@Phassell Perfect cuddle babies! So lovely!


Thank you!


Hes lovely…so realistic!


I use acrylic paints (air dry) and I always put a sealer on my babies before I paint. I think people using Genesis put down a layer of varnish?..someone correct me if Im wrong…before starting to paint. Also did you wash the kit really well before you started painting. Typically Joseph is a very easy kit to paint, sorry you are having such a rough time with him.


When using the Americana matte varnish, how long do I need to let it cure? Will rooting /spraying with water, ruin the finish?


I use Americana all the time. I usually let it cure for 2-3 days before rooting, just to be on the safe side. I’ve never had rooting or spraying affect the finish. Just make sure the Varnish isn’t too thick.


I let mine cure for several days to a week now because it would go white around the ears and the neck when Id spray my mohair conditioner on the hair. After its cured there are not problems, that stuff does not like to come off :wink:


working on Sera May. Picture taken in natural light with my phone. I’m pretty happy with how she’s looking so far. Her name’s going to be Wanda when she’s done lol


I did two thin layers


That’s good to hear! I was a bit worried. It goes on so nicely, though!




@Mommarobin I would recommend to wait 2-3 days b/c when I root my Avi next day after varnishing it was pulling some varnish in the places if pricks. So I waited longer. When I baked the head after rooting, holes got closed.


Mila By Eva Wakolbinger going home (sold just sharing my work) I was going to hem her dress, but her Mommy likes them long




She’s a beauty:)


Fudged these two - now I have to do some fixing- I may just set them in the closet and start fresh on someone else! I’ve only ever stripped one kit years ago:/ it’s time for coffee-


Aww! What’s wrong with them? They look so pretty!


I went wild with the red powders! Sometimes- lol