Let’s Show our Work, or WIP! Part 2


@Mommarobin Who is that cutie?

@ Reefbubbles I love your Landon!!!

I think I’m about through painting my Aurora Sky…


Does anyone think I should make her hair and brows black?


It’s Eloisa


I’m working on these twins. Twin A has such a weird mouth. It’s hard to get the lips to match :confused:


I love the natural, soft painting style! These two are on my bucket list of kits I’d like to paint though I don’t care for Twin A’s mouth.


Thank you! I’m not a fan of the mouth either. You can’t see in this pic but the vinyl inside isn’t smooth. It’s really difficult to keep all the little pocks and creases clean in there. She looks like she could use a good periodontist :laughing:


Hmmm. Maybe I’ll just stick to Twin B. Lol


I tried- definitely an improvement- I’m thinking I need to call them done- and give them some peach fuzz, skin texture, and hair:)


Is that Luise? She’s on my want list. :slight_smile:


Yes- it’s her- I am NOT happy with these two- I’m having a rough start to my week- I watched a video a while back and this lady always starts with two layers of flesh tone- so I tried it - should have stuck with my own magic recipe instead. I feel like these dolls look chalky- just different than my regular skin tones. Maybe I just need fresh eyes tomorrow.


Wow, they look so realistic! I personally think they are absolutely perfect!


They are adorable! Don’t strip them :heart_eyes:


They look awesome!


@simone No, I think she is perfect as it is! :heart_eyes:


@Simone May I ask how long you being reborning? I just love you soft, light toned, realistic style.


Silly me always worries about how dry inside of their mouths are and if it’s some nasal breathing problem with them. :rofl:


I feel the same way about Saskia and Liam Brown lol. Looks like they have a head cold or something!


Thank you YelanaRey I’ve been reborning a little over 4 years now. Love it more than ever!


@Simone When I grow up I want to be like you! :blush:


Grace/Gabriel Yophi - I’m keeping the sex a surprise for now :slightly_smiling_face: but isn’t this a cute little squish?!?!

ETA ok that shadow looks suggestive but I swear it’s from my light fixture :joy: