Let’s Show our Work, or WIP! Part 2


Thank you:)


I may need to get one of these wherewolf pups…it’s the closest thing I can get to having a dog. He looks amazing already!


They both look great, I really like your Luise. Ive been looking at that kit and trying not to buy it but then Elise came out and I decided I needed to make twins :wink: . Cant wait for her kit to come out.


Omg Liam totally looks like that haha. Like he needs a little snot below his nose :nose:however I still love him and want one!


I have regular pastels here. Maybe I’ll try them.


@PaperCityDolls I am so glad that those two adorable munchkins are forgiven. They are so awesome and they colors are so newbornish red, that it suits them so much.
May I ask where do you paint peach fuzz on your babies?


They should…I use Rembrandt sometimes as well.


Work in progress on these two beauties


@Phassell Beautiful tones! :heart:


Walk away. Brew a pot of coffee. Drink pot of coffee in some fresh air. Go back and do your touch ups - they’ll be great!!!


Working on this belly- my first torso!


Thank you @evelyn!


Dominic Kit! Oh I love how this little guy is coming along!!


BabyMami he’s gorgeous!


They’re both sweet, but I just adore your Patience!


He looks so adorable he is one of my favorite kits, you just made me love him even more!


@Mommarobin Love them! Looks great!


What a handsome little man! I think Dominic looks the best as AA or biracial baby. Great work!


He is beautiful. What colors did you use for his lips and what kind of hair is that😍


Rooting my first Tink. I can’t get her eyes right.