Let's Show our Work, or WIP!


I’m rooting again, this time Sera. I wanted her hair thicker but I’m not sure how. I mean it is thicker then Megs but not as thick as I was planning, oh well


Specialmoments does wonderful hair! I have many tutorials for painted hair- just not air dry. Perhaps it is not all that different except the blotting all over with thinner to soften lines, I have not quite figured an air dry version of that although I bought a watercolor lift brush I am going to try.


Looks good so far :slight_smile:


I wish I could compare, but I’ve never used Genesis. For soft lines, which is what I start off with, I use thinner paint. As I’m painting details, I keep my paint much thicker for sharper lines.


She looks awesome!! I love her skin tones.


Thank you!


Thank you!



Soft and beautiful, @ECNRebornBabies.


I love the skin tones on your babies!!


Thank you, ladies! :blush:


@emmy? These?
Press Bec1273’s picture in my comment (far right) to be taken to the comment I replied to


I started on another Owen yesterday. Just a few layers in so far…


She is looking beautiful. As my friend would say, stop thinking and keep going. She looks really nice.


Finished my Lainey and she is up and ready for a new mom, hope you like her


Ha! You’re Friend is much smarter than me, Estelle! Thanks so much for the boost of confidence! I need it! :kissing_heart: < now for the rest of the doll> and even more to go :grin:




Put the parts in a basket with a towel and look at her as an entire baby you will be surprised. Her coloring is nice.


thanks so much @Shosho Charlotte! :kissing_closed_eyes:


I will do that, Estelle…I am going to get a little rest and finish up the other pieces< at least to a degree> and try that! :blush: