Let's Show our Work, or WIP!


She’s looking real!!!


Yes! Thank you! <3
I couldn’t remember what thread they were under


Oh no, Jennifer~ could it be true? That’s magical to hear!!! Thank you so so much! I’ve stared at her so much, I’m not sure of anything anymore LOL! It’s like right now, I’m a complete zombie. hahahaha :joy: Thanks again! :kissing_heart:


@GypsyRoss your Brittany is GORGEOUS! I’m so glad you didn’t give up.


Still have to complete the back on Chanel but this is if so far.


Beautiful hair! Who is it from and what kind?




Thank you :slight_smile:


Wow! Shining locks!


Working on “EDEN,” she will have “Punkin” limbs, like my first Eden.

My first Eden with Punkin limbs


You are a natural and because your loving doing it you have a bright future with painting reborns. I cant wait to see her finished how exciting.


That is one SWEET Eden!!! So precious.


Oh Jeanhia, thank you so much, I’m humbled, I really am. :kissing_heart:


Made a new outfit for my mini ofelia it’s a sleeper gown I also made a bonet for her but I didn’t take in the fact that the ears would make it look funny so I scrapped it.
Anywho here it is super adorable I really love this one. I’m going to have a hard time letting her go.


Shosho~ what a kool thing to say! Thanks so much! I just got an out fit in the mail…I’m getting excited to get her dressed LOL! < ti’s kinda hard with just a head and limbs tho> :fearful:


Oh Celena that routfit with your mini Ophelia makes her look even more Adorable! Sooooo cute! :blush:


@GypsyRoss Thank you I’m still learning how to sew but with each outfit I make I see progress.


Beautiful Hair~wow! I can’t imagine the work involved here… but it sure pays off…this is just lovely! :slight_smile:


You are just learning how to sew? wow…no one would ever know~ Great work! :slight_smile:


@GypsyRoss yes still new to it and thank you so much I try and get them to look decent enough to send hone with my dolls.