Let's Show our Work, or WIP!


You are obviously a quick study~ for some it takes years to learn to sew…like that… Congrats… and to learn on your own , well that’s even better! :relaxed:


All my wip photos with the kids are just a head lol, my baby seems to think its normal now when i get him to cuddle the baby head in a blanket. I never order bodies when i buy from Bountiful baby so when a doll is finished im unable to put it together the import tax and delivery charges clean me out lol.


Shes adorable


Awww that’s too bad, Charlotte…are you outta the states then?


Im English lady living in Germany x


have you tired to get a body on ebay thru international shipping sellers?


No , to be honest never thought of that idea. I don´t really use ebay apart from the odd look at what reborns are selling.


I don’t buy the bodies either but Ive found this seller on eBay, Ive bought a couple bodies from her, really good quality and she has different colours and sizes. She’s from the UK and shipping and cost is very reasonable to France so should not be much more to Germany.


wow thank you i will look, :grinning:


You might browse “reborn kits” and " full reborn kits" and etc. You’d be surprised at what you might find and at low prices too :blush: < running to hobby lobby :blush:


You could make her one of those old fashioned sleeping caps. You might not know what type.but they are super simple make a circle out of fabric and put in a draw string about 2 inches from the edge…put lace around the edge and draw it up to fit or put elastic in it…


Almost done with my kids cuddle babies for Christmas.


Great use of color and well blended skin tones. You’ve got this, keep it up!


Thank you @Shosho


Wow!! She’s gorgeous!! I love her skin tones.


I love your Eden!! She’s beautiful!!


Thank you so much, 2layz…you really helped me out more than you can know…yesterday…and I thank you! :kissing_heart:


there ya go Shosho! :slight_smile:


"Thank you so much~ Cindy! It’s amazing to me how many variations of color we end up using…just fascinating really…I guess, uness one would "premix"what they came up with every time…each doll will definitely be unique! < oh and I love “Cindy Lou Who” > :kissing_heart:


Awwww! These are adorable! <3