Let's Show our Work, or WIP!


Shosho~ you just HAVE to find some bodies…you are sooooo good at this! It’s just not fair that you don’t have a full baby to put together…you have such a talent and you could even be selling them too ! < if you wanted to that is> :slight_smile:


Total Cuteness! Simone :slight_smile:


I always imagine the layers of color are like pixels and all come together to make a beautiful color :blush:


I never thought of it that way, Cindy~ I like that…alot! Thanks for sharing that :blush:


Here is my WIP of Madison (I have added a little since these pics), starting on Ana tomorrow. Both will go to Sisters for Christmas as girl reborns with prisma hair (both are already paid for) :slight_smile:


I hope my Madison comes out half as beautiful as yours. :blush:


Awe, thank you! The kit looks boyish to me so I am trying to keep her soft. lol


I think the clothes and bows will make her girly. Lol


Love her!!! Man, now I wanna do my Miranda. You are doing great!!


How adorable!!


You must have been a reborner in a past life, that baby is awesome!


My Jaxon getting hair!


Oh I love the skin tones on this baby!!


So cute! That hair looks good!


Oh Anne! :joy: I was prolly a fortune teller LOL! thank you so much! I’m so incredibly humbled… :slight_smile:


Rebecca, this baby has the most beautiful skin color! And his hair is looking great! :blush:


Oh I can’t wait to see when you get this one done, Jenni! :heart_eyes:


Just got her together and some quick photos at 11 pm lol :grin: I couldn’t resist.

EDIT: Was just told by the customer that she wanted Sunny to be a boy. Mind you never once she said that. This wasn’t a custom. I just don’t see it. BUT I have been referring to her as a she throughout the entire conversations. Now she has pierced ears :confused:


Maybe she thought you were referring to her as ‘she’ because the original is a she. If you remove the earrings, cover her hair and bake her again, the holes might close. Then all you have to do is change the clothes and voila, everybody’s happy. She’s very cute BTW.


Awwwww, that’s an awful thing to happen! this is such a sweet little girl!!! So Beautiful in every detail…It seems if she was not a custom, your client is in the wrong…my opinion, still…even her little ribbons on her feet! Oh my! Itsa shame to change this doll, it reallly is… I feel for you, what a terrible situation to be put in. For the record, You create the most gorgeos dolls,Cierra…I am in awe. :blush: