Let's Show our Work, or WIP!


I love this baby AND the hair…Natasha! :blush: with doing my first doll… I am so intimidated by the rooting process…I hope I can achieve a beautiful look like this :slight_smile:


Her eyes are set and backed. Hair is glued so baking is not an option. I had sold her during her WIP stages when she basically was being rooted. I let her know that I will be doing most of the photoshoot as a girl and then take a few as a boy for her. The hair and everything screams girl.


´That is very kind of you to say i dream of the day i could sell one and recoup money.


I personally don’t think that you would have any problem selling your babies, hope you can get some bodies so you can give it a go :wink:


Thank you xx


Whose mohair did you use to get such beautiful curls? :kissing_heart:


This particular mohair was from Angela Sprott.


she is so adorable @specialmoments !!!


Beautiful work


Charlotte~ you can and more importantly~ You will! :kissing_closed_eyes:


Thank you :heart:


I have these 3 in the works. sealing, eyes and hair and they will be finished. I am loving them!


number 2


Number 3 Hylia,


Looking really Good, Angela! :grinning:


Thank you!


What a darling!


Working on Presley Awake!! Wanted to keep him very soft. Have to do shading & creasing on limbs still.


This baby is fantastic! I love him, Cierra.


Awe, I absolutely love him !!!