Let's Show our Work, or WIP!


Daisy just needs lashes …well, and a body with her limbs.


just fabulous! Cierra~ :kissing_heart:


Perfection~Angela! I love this one! :blush:


Thank you


Shosho~ in “stuffing” the doll…when (not if) wink wink you get your body parts done and a body like above…it is recommended that you use glass beads to weigh the doll down. If that is not something you can find locally…no worries! They would definitely be way too expensive to ship probably because they weigh so much…however, I do have some resources, and when that time comes~ we all will figure out a workable solution for you. :slight_smile: I just know, with a little time and patience you will find a doll and or parts on ebay so you can complete a baby…you will so enjoy hat…and more importantly, you need to~ you make gorgeous heads, you deserve the chance to see a finished doll for all your efforts, and just because you are living in a rather remote place to get supplies due to customs, etc. it is possible to have your dream happen~ let us know if we can help in any way :slight_smile:




Thanks hun. I was advised ages ago that the realborn bodies are the best. I have looked on some retail websites and the bodies look baggy not realistic . I had one body a year ago that came with my starter paints it was awful . If you do find a good body supplier let me know. . I am to critical of everything so i keep promising myself when i finish a doll that looks great i will invest in a body lol. I do wish i had a finished baby to cuddle and be proud of though x


wow im lost for words:heart_eyes:
How long does it take you to complete a baby?


This is where I get all my body stuffing…and they have good bodies too http://www.puppen-traumland.de
I particularly like the chopped up vinyl for limbs of larger babies…for little preemies I have been using the glass beads. There are many reborn stores in Germany, not so many in France for some reason. If you want I can PM you the links the stores in Germany I’ve purchased from.


Ya, I think the “realborns” are the most detailed and up to date as they are digitally scaled to the baby they are made from that being said, many and most of the kits sold on the BB site are not realborns. So, the real difference is slight difference in detail. Which you can make up in painting skill. So many of the dolls you see on here, again, are not realborns as they are the newest dolls. Have you looked on the home page at the doll kits? and if so, do you see the “deals of the day”? Those can for as low as 17.95 + shipping Now I am only guessing, If you got heads from them…you can get entire sets or kits as well…is it “customs” that charge so much in shipping? Where is the extra cost coming from may I ask?


You go Lil! :blush: You are a gem to help Shosho out…she really needs this :heart_eyes:


Thank you. Each baby tends to take me 1-3 days depending.


@GypsyRoss i have bought some cheap kits from BB and painted limbs previously , my costs for shipping and tax usually works out around 60 euros .
i could start buying expensive kits in Germany but the cost for one kit allows me to order bits and pieces from BB. I love their customer service and think they are the best. I keep hearing that the German kits especial softline are poor so thats why i have not spent the money in Europe on babies but I am starting to think i might just try a full vinyl kit here in Germany solves buying bodies and import taxes Oh and i am awaiting some kits from BB to be delivered from their Black Friday sale cant wait but yet again no bodies as spent up to my limit lol x

Thanks @Lil i appreciate it.x

@specialmoments what dedication thats amazing how quick you paint and the results you achieve. Are you doing prototypes yet as you should be x


Beautiful! What kit is # 3 ?


German vinyl is hard as a rock LOL…there is a chemical that they use to make the vinyl softer and they won’t use it in Germany. You can still get BB kits in Germany though, I just bought Grant and for the price they charged it would have been about the same had I bought it here, for full price on BB, considering shipping and taxes. Its the same vinyl you get on BB btw. I mainly, now, buy from BB and Macpherson’s but I have bought kits here in Europe as well. I just get my bodies and other supplies from Secrist France and a few shops in Germany.


She is my first limited edition . She is from Jorja Pigott. I ordered her from MacPhersons.


How exciting, I just bought my first Limited Edition, Xander by Cassie Brace, also from Macphersons. She looks great, her mouth is beautiful. I still am struggling with lips/mouth.


I used to have a really hard time with lips. What I did was study the lips on really experienced artists and in real baby photos. Work on them slowly as you work on the whole doll, and add very thin layers at a time with different colors and be patient, and you’ll get better at them.


Realborn Ashley, now Landon


I feel like I spent all day taking photos of her lol wish I was quicker and better at it :unamused: