Let's Show our Work, or WIP!


Horrible lighting but she is finished


Finished Punkin for an eight year old, her birthday is Christmas Eve. Lighting bad so just a few phone pics.


She is beautiful!! I think if your customer saw this pic she would leave her as a girl. I love her!!


So cute! I’ve always loved Punkin’s smile. I think she will be one happy birthday girl!!


Thank you, me too her smile always makes me smile and this a first reborn for this little girl, she has a friend who has a few of mine and her mom gave in for a special Birthday gift. I enjoy making little Punkin.


Thank you!


She has and still is insisting on a boy. I haven’t did a full photoshoot yet so maybe that will change her mind. :slight_smile:


She is just lovely.Very good work.What sealer do you plan to use?


Thank you so much, Mary Jane! The only one I am aware of is the one from BB…Is there a better product to use for this process? Thanks! :blush:


BB matte and or satin is what I use but some of the other ladies use other air dry products.


Stunning baby and your photography fantastic,


Thanks so much, Shosho! Now, if she only were secretly rich. LOL! ;;;I do lil photography on the side…too… :blush:


Hi Kimberly! Wow, that looks intense…I haven’t had the pleasure of rooting yet…I love the doll too is she a larger doll?


It is the Logan awake. thank you, I’m new to rooting so I’m sure things can only get better (I hope)


Kimberly,so am !~however~you are further along than I am…that said, Hang in there…you’re gonna do welll :wink:


Dominic #2 He’s was painted similarly to the first I did. I went unintentional went slightly darker with the skintone but I still think he’s a cutie pie.

Picture is a little blurry as it was taken on my phone


Oh my! Love this one!


These two are done but I’m waiting on the third one to be finished. I hated the eyes so ordered new ones. TheThese kids fought me the whole way! Of course I haven’t reborned in forever. Pretty much just do it for my kids’ Christmas now. Green girl isn’t quite as pink as she looks in pix. Sorry the pix are a bit screwed up. I am NOT tech savvy lol.


I have been working on so many lol WIP Crystal. I can’t wait to see this one with hair

Without Bonnet


How in the WORLD do you achieve these beautiful, smooth skin tones??? U should do a tutorial. once I have this baby, I plan on perfecting AA babies like u do