Let's Show our Work, or WIP!


@BusyBeeNursery, special moments has a tutorial on here. Type in AA tutorial and it should come up


Oh wow… Didn’t know… Thanks! Gonna find it now


It needs to be updated. I’ll do another soon on my darker tones :wink:


@specialmoments , thanks I look forward to it . I love the other one but it would be nice to a have a more stable guide for darker tones. you are awesome !!!


OMG!! your Crystal is so beautiful! I just ordered her because I really love the sculpt, can’t wait to see her finished!


It was perfectly detailed… I was looking for the rest… Like those perfectly painted feet u do


Thank you. I switched my methods up a bit :slight_smile: So wanted to update :wink*


Owen just had his creases and veins done, now just a few more things to finish up. I hope to start rooting Wednesday. He is a custom order…Cell pic.


That will be nice


Perfect. Be sure to tag me if you make an updated one pls


Cierra~ any news on your client’s decision? Please post if you would boy and girl~ I’d love to see both versions! :blush:


Amanda~ Owen looks awesome! :slight_smile:


Gorgeous…again! wow…you work so fast~Tiqua! :heart_eyes:


Just when I think You can’t put out any more beautiful babies…another one pops up! So beautiful ~Cierra!


Not yet, going to to send her photos in a short bit. I think she’ll probably stick with boy however.


Thank you :blush:


Actually, you can’t go wrong with either, that’s a really really(did I say really) :blush: Cute baby…Either one is going to work beautifully. She is so cute as a girl, But of the client is so adamant…the good thing is…You can make another girl, and blow me away anyday! :grinning:


Felicia is getting some color.


I agree that she’ll probably be adorable as either or. Just wish I knew before I pierced the ears. But she’s adorable as a girl.


She sure is, Cierra! It’s really difficult, if not impossible, to just choose one of your babies…they are all so precious!