Let's Show our Work, or WIP!


Oh goodness he looks so real!!


Thank you so much. She’s sticking with boy. He works as boy but I still see girl :slight_smile:


Love her lip color!!! She adorable!


Wow, she is amazing ! I love her ! Good job !


Omg makes such a cute boy too! I can’t wait to make my sunny kit now!


She can pass as boy but I so loved the girl more !!! But Moma knows best, boy it is


Wow!!! @GypsyRoss she’s stunning!


I see boy!!! And a darling one at that :blush:


Ya ,know, Cierra~ this n looks great, I mean really good as a boy…I know, very, very cute as a girl…but you’ve been looking at this doll from the perspective that you were ‘making a girl’…as a viewer, tho, this doll is so precious as either~ I personally can’t get over just how cute (she) is now… an adorable Boy!!! :heart_eyes: Love.


Thank you, Cierra…I actually found the lips to be the thing I messed with the most LOL! :slight_smile:


Thank you so much, Jennifer! I am officially addicted! (still have to do the rooting, and that downright scares me) …but , can’t wait to put her together and dress her up! :blush:


She’s beautiful! Good luck with the rooting…I was way too scared to even attempt it on my first baby. Keep her so you can track your progress as you continue to make more of these little ones. With such a good first, you won’t see startling changes from one baby to the next, but I’ll bet if you look back in a year or so you will be surprised at how subtle progress adds up! Way to go!


Oh, Ann, Thank you so much! I will keep this one for sure. I’m attached for all kinds of reasons…and, Ann, you have been a great encouragement to me thru this process, I can’t appreciate that enough~ You are a gem! :kissing_heart:


Thank you so much, Isabelle! :kissing_closed_eyes: I am loving this…I was hesitant, but now I’m addicted! :blush:


I am UGH - re-rooting Freya Kewy that was purchased when I had babies selling through The Doll House. She was a gift for an 11 year old that just loved the hair right off of her head! Now that she is 15, her parents helped her to buy a custom Serenity Eagles (as a boy) and asked if I could improve Freya for her… So, I told them I would re-root the bald spots for $100.00. UGH! Anyway, here is the project and a picture of her new baby boy. Of course they are in the wrong order and SIDEWAYS!


The new boy looks darling.
At least you know they’re both loved very, very much.


Still looking good as a boy. My son is almost 4 and is still mistaken to be a girl by people who see him for the first time and those who know him from far. No matter how much action hero t-shirts he wears. I deliberately dress him in Bow ties to church for that reason. LOL!


I saw twin boys @specialmoments Cierra and Faith the other day at hobby…Oh ma gosh ! The curliest blonde locks and it even tho they were obviously boys and their Mom was right there, (they were about 2 years old) I just said, “Wow! You have the the most beautiful boys, and yes I know they are boys lol…that is just a simple fact” and she said " I get that all the time"! My Mom happened to be with me as well, and she said as we passed by…" there ya go, that’s the hair you need for your toddler doll…" ha! So…once again, we fortunately, have children that are just “gorgeous” no matter what gender they are! The more I look at this Boy you made from a girl, his whole character is so special…what would have been extra cool,( and it still can be) :blush: would have been a set of twins of this doll. Give that some thought, Cierra. :wink:


When I get more experienced, Cierra, I’m definitely going to try to do an ethnic baby…I’ll refer to your tutorial on that…lemme know when you update…for now…I’ve , of course, got my hands full at attempting to get one baby done :joy:


She’s so pretty!! Great job!!