Let's Show our Work, or WIP!


Thank you So much, Cindy! :kissing_heart: Now, Look~ I’m hooked LOL! :blush:


We’re all reborn addicts!! :joy:


lol! I’m beginning to understand! :blush:


One of the most beautiful babes I’ve ever seen! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


I still have TONS of work to do… but here is where I’m at with my Grinch. Any suggestions? Constructive criticism always welcomed! This is my first attempt at using living doll.


So cool!!


I had to do a double take on that one, for a moment I thought it was a new kit! Looks great!


Thank you, we’ve all struggled through our first efforts to make the most of one of these beautiful sculpts and most of us got a lot of help right here…and I just like to pay it forward. The struggles continue as your skills grow though, the last couple of babies I did painted hair on had their scalps wiped clean more times than I want to remember! So don’t think you are off the hook yet! LOL Speaking as a long-time resident of this big rabbit hole, I’m glad you fell in with us!


Thank you so much! I still feel a slight bit guilty that I used the Leo kit by Phil Donnelly. :joy: His little face just took to the snout so well, though!


Ann, I couldn’t be happier about this wonderful group, I feel so at home! And you are right, I was just looking at a tutorial on rooting…oh my…I dunno…that could take years to master LOL! (if ever)… I’m still going to try. I might have a bald baby tho…with a creative head piece :joy: or just learn the art of painting the hair…when done well, that looks so very nice too, and one doesn’t have the cost etc, in the whole rooting game.


Been working on this one seems like forever. Waiting on the weekend for her photo shoot.

Been working on that baby fine rooting :slight_smile:


Looks so delicate!


Thank you, lol. It took longer to me yhat my thick headed babies. Geeze


How clever~ Love this!


This Asian Babe is so Beautiful, Helen~Just wow! :blush:


He looks awesome!! His coloring is so natural.


It’s hard to unsee that gorgeous baby girl, but he is pretty cute as a boy also. :heart:


WIP realborn Leif super adorable I’m falling inlove with this kit I find myself working on him more than the other kits I have going on. My first time painting in a darker skin tone going for more of a ethnic skin tone so far I’m liking how he’s coming along. Definitely going to order more of this kit and aspen as well.


Finally finished rooting Jaxon. I can NEVER root sparsely! I just can’t seem to find the trick to it!


Is it me or does my Landon look like Ben? LOL

I need to tone down his cheeks a bit, his painting did not go as I wanted but I am doing better so hopefully my next Landon kit will turn out the way I envisioned him. Cant wait to root my Charles, he looks good :slight_smile: