Let's Show our Work, or WIP!


She is very beautiful.


Wow! Look at all that color, love it!


She’s just lovely! :star2:


Yes it is. :blush:


Wow that is a lot of work! Great job.


Thanks Jennifer :slight_smile:


@GypsyRoss cute dress and hairband!


Thanks, Anne :slight_smile:


We did veining and some detailing today.


Dominic (RealBorn) and Sandie By Sheila Michael were started this evening. Base skin tone complete and mottle layers start tomorrow.


Landon and Dean are getting nails and varnish tomorrow. Probably paint hair on these two.


Oooh! Can’t wait to see more pics!!


Looking good! Landon is such a cute kit!


Just completed Kyra by Eva Helland.


I had to stop rooting for a moment because I stabbed my finger… At least this time I didn’t accidentally root hair into my finger. That’s happened several times over the years. :joy:


@deedee2413, I know that feeling oh too well and boy does it hurt . Hopefully you can return to rooting after grasping the pain. I kiss mine and wrap a band aid around it and press on, lol


Way cute babies. I loved my Dominic even more than I thought I would and I really loved the kit. Can’t wait to see these babies finished. I know they will be beautiful


Yep, bandaid on and keep going. Had to put one on because it started bleeding. The things I do for these dolls… :joy:


Lovely work!


Hey ladies I have a customer that’s interested in silicone babies do any of you paint them or have the name of someone who does so I can point her in the right direction. Please and thank you!