Let's Show our Work, or WIP!


@joyce_angel1 or @snuggle2me?


Thank you @Jlesser do they have Facebook or Instagram pages would be easier for her to look at their work.


Here is Carrie’s page. She does vinyl painting, silicone painting, silicone pouring, sculpting.

I am not sure if @joyce_angel1 has a separate page for her reborns?

But she has shared them on this forum.


Thank you @jlesser


Hair complete. Now to glue and dry. Can’t wait to put her together in a couple of days.


Thank you for thinking of me. Currently I am not doing any custom work. I will probably start back up when Bella goes to prek this August. I’ll have more free time to dedicate to this hobby.

Wanted to show the sculpt after I baked her. She got a few cracks that I’ve filled in. I’ll be sanding her all smooth tomorrow. I will attach her missing fingers and toes after her main body’s been sanded. Don’t want to accidently knock them off again while sanding.



She looks very good so far. I am doing a miniature sculpt so I can only imagine how hard a big one is. Best wishes.


Beautiful job on this ethnic girl. Her skin tone is spot on gorgeous! Love her hair, what hair did you use. I love how curly it is!


Babies are sealed and now I need to decide on hair.


Thanks! She is big for sure. I was holding her in my arms today. She’s a nice cuddly fitting size for when she’s poured in silicone. My future sculpts will be smaller though.


I think the silicone process is fascinating. Watching your steps would be interesting.


@snuggle2me I love her size, she is perfect!


Gorgeous hair!


Thank you. The sculpting takes me forever to complete. Once that’s finally done the molding goes fast.


Thank you!


Mottle completed and veins on both. Dominic has his initial shading BUT the customer messaged that she really wants Keely Stasney instead of Sandie so I am trying to get that kit up to this place. I have never painted 3 at a time!


OH! I LOVE your mottling! :heart: and Veins!


Jaxon WIP


Finally got back to working on my 2 little once
Aspen is getting some color. I pose him with a fairy body just to see how he would look because I don’t have their body yet.

The flash makes him look so much lighter and a little red, but I couldn’t wait until morning for pictures and with the storm I don’t know when we would see the sun again here at Jersey.


Very cute. That body looks good and fits well, I think.