Let's Show our Work, or WIP!


Thank you!!. It’s human hair.


Thank you!


Working on LE Ellis Auer and LE Luca Tuzio Ross. Cell phone pictures.


Also started Zuri last night. She is my new favorite kit ever!!




Wow! Super Kool! :heart_eyes:


My Landon


Custom Joseph almost ready for hair.


He’s so handsome!


I love him!


And THEN THERE WERE THREE! My customer decided that she wanted Keely Stasney instead of Sandy, so I got her caught up to the other 2 babies! I have never painted 3 at one time and the thought of 30 fingernails and 30 toe nails is discouraging to me!! (Bad lighting!)


This is Ariella by Reva Schick. Let me warn you this doll has the hardest head. I bet I broke 12 needles. When I was just becoming aware of reborn dolls, the second one I bought was Ariella. I later sold her and always regretted it. I have wanted to replace her ever since.


Done finally , done at last born today my little Luli with eyes and not doomed to wear black glasses for ever and ever .


I know that feeling @Pia, I did five at once and all those nails were a job


I can’t even imagine 5!! I managed to blush to the knuckle on the hands and the toes on all 3 kits and it took HOURS! Looks like Dominic’s vinyl is not taking color like the other 3 and he is pale. Not trying to achieve the same skin tone for all 3, but he needs a bit of enhancement. Strangely, Dominic and Keely are both poured by Joy Dolls, but the vinyl sure is behaving differently.


My little AA Presley Asleep. Shading, creases and junk still left, but I’m happy! First AA cutie. :heartpulse::heartpulse:


Looking very smooth and a great color!


Thank you, Pia! It seems like each layer is getting smoother, thank goodness! I was pouncing like a madwoman the first couple because I was scared! Lol


Yes, it amazes me how the vinyl between kits takes a different tone


@Miss_Kitty I cracked up at your comment because I can imagine you pouncing like a madwoman, :joy: