Let's Show our Work, or WIP!


The demon pouncer of Fleet Street!


I decided to go with a darker skin tone for Emma. Not sure what to do with her eyebrows tho. This is only my third baby so I’m still learning as I go. I paint them right? She might have been and overkill because I did layer after layer after layer! I have 2 creole grandchildren so I

wAs shooting for that skin tone




Beautiful skin tone. Especially since it’s only your 3rd baby. You can paint her eyebrows or use Prisma pencils. The penciled ones have to be baked. I paint mine because I use air dry. Will you root hair, paint or leave her bald? Were your other two ethnic? Please post pictures when she’s done.


Thank you. No the other two were lighter skin tone Do people usually root eyebrows. I’m planning on rooting hair after I practice on a practice doll


Most artist’s paint or pencil eyebrows because beautifully rooted brows are difficult and many times ruin the look of the baby in my humble opinion. Practice painted eyebrows on that practice head too. Painting them is also a challenge.


I will. I do art work as well so hopefully it will be close to that sort of process. Ha for some reason I see rooted eyebrows being thick and burly like my husbands. Eek lol


I don’t find them too hard after I actually start them. I always have the feeling of panic right before I stick the rooting needle in but if you keep your needle as flat as possible it isn’t too hard. do a middle row thinly and then directionally root a top row to blend with the middle and then go back and bring a bottom row directionally rooted to meet the middle row. Did that make sense? lol You could always practice on your practice head.


You may not like mine though. They make me happy. lol


Wow they look great. Not that it didn’t make since but I have to see it done to get it haha otherwise they will look like my husbands dads eyebrows lol


She’s so pretty!


This lil’ lady is shaping up, with Kameko peeking from behind :blush:


Charles (almost finished) and Landon (still a waiy to go).


Here’s my second Sunny. She’s a painted kit for another artist so I hope she likes her. She was requested to look as close to my first just different lips. Sorry for the lack of eyes. I don’t like installing eyes on painted kits unless requested (everyone has their own methods).


Gorgeous akin tones


Jaw dropping good as usual .


Custom Joseph is ready for hair.


He’s gorgeous!!!


Hes is so cute…I want a Joseph now! LOL


Thank you.