Let's Show our Work, or WIP!


Oh that’s right! I forgot! I believe he has Emma arms.


I’m working on so many babies right now I can’t keep my head straight. Ellis Auer, Luca Tuzio Ross, Zuri, Dominic, AA Ashley, AA Miya, and Reese. Trying to get them all ready for assembly on the same day.


Getting there…


Sorry been mia for a little while, I used only natural light no flash just all in camera adjustments. Hope that helps :slight_smile:


Oh she is just precious beautiful job


Oh she is so beautiful and the dress is gorgeous


Your baby is stunning!! I love her!


I really love him…I bought a Joseph kit today…all your fault!! LOL


Thank you!




So I am taking time out from painting babies for a week or so and just did some crochet work for a change of pace .
Here are my completed Valentine outfits I made for two of my keepers my Lillie ( Kieko) and Luli I wish the picture would show the work closer but oh well gives an idea at least :smile:


Little Ashley, almost ready for rooting


:grin: He’s such a precious kit. You’ll enjoy him.


What a cutie!


Sandy ready for details!


Those capillaries are gorgeous! :heart_eyes: absolutely amazing detail!


Oh ma gosh, they are cute!


Finished this bub and he is for sale😍


Omg look at that wittle face!!