Let's Show our Work, or WIP!


Thank you


She looks so real!!


Feel better soon!! :bouquet:


Awwww, how thoughtful,thank you so much, Jennifer :blush:


Wow. This baby is stunning.


Gorgeous! He looks so real!




Your details are absolutely amazing!


I’ll second that!


I was looking at photos and realized that I never shared these two. Twin A and Twin B.


You are so welcome :blush:


Oh my, @specialmoments, I’m used to seeing pretty babies from you, but I’m in love with these two. They are
gorgeous and your photography is on point! :blush:


Yes, sometimes.


Sometimes people type “Thank you.” Sometimes people “like” the comment, compliment, feedback or whatever. It’s an acknowledgement… What I do depends on the time I have.


Thank you, Dolly…I wrote and “off topic” …recently…thank you’s (2 words) are just simply overrated , I guess LOL! It won’t change who I compliment and their work :blush:


Personally I like to press the heart rather than reply to every comment. Normally when I make a post that shows one of my newly finished babies… I like all the comments.

Then after a handful of people comment I will write “Thank you everyone” or something like that, instead of individually replying to each one. I just like the flow of it better than back and forth commenting on each comment. Especially if it is just to say “Thanks”. So I thank people as a group :wink:


Nothing like a good ole’ fashioned “Thank you,” but sometimes it’s difficult to say… For example, I’m popping off and on here in between homeschooling and painting. I use my phone and literally scan, post, respond in a few minutes then get back to what I was doing. If I typed out responses to everyone, very little would get done. I suspect the same with the other ladies here. Most of us are regulars and know each other to the point where we know the like is their way of saying thank you. :wink:


Thank you all in advance for your feedback~ I have a better understanding how the forum works…afterall I am a newbie :kissing_closed_eyes:


Just finished up Jaxson… now Janet. :grin:


Gorgeous :sparkling_heart: