Let's Show our Work, or WIP!


Does this look like a girl or like a boy in a dress? Lol


She~ is beautiful!


I am popping on this forum a lot, sometimes I have time to comment, sometimes I can just “like.” With kids, every minute is unpredictable :wink: But no matter what, I enjoy this forum, all you ladies are AWESOME and it’s a fun place to learn, share, and connect.


I totally see girl! She is very sweet with that soft complexion. I’m that way though, even real babies are hard to tell the gender, usually I go by clothes. Pink=girl, blue=boy :laughing:


Agreed! I love this forum too :sparkling_heart: All the Ladies are Immensely talented, good-hearted, andlovely to get to know! :blush:


Hands down you work is amazing! Goals!


Sounds like me I just pop on and off through the day and I may post something and just hop right back off it depends on how my day stacks up :smile: like now I am leaving again just had a call about something I need to do.


She is a beautiful girl


Thank you for your understanding! The posts get REALLY long if each comment needs a “thank you” and then “you’re welcome “! I think I might be your culprit?


Can be boy or a girl! Nice work!


Im sure I will…Ive seen a lot of people post that he is a favourite :slight_smile:


Ahhh she is so perfect .


Oh no! Pia! No one in particular! I understand time is short for most of the ladies on the forum…that being said…I also stated, afterwards, I am down, with multiple illnesses…and have more time than many…I hold no grievance, and have a better understanding with all that was explained to me…:slight_smile: ~ as a newbie…I still have so much to learn :blush: I really enjoy all the ladies in this group, Itsa refreshing and lovely group of Ladies! :sparkling_heart:


Working on all of this. :grin:


“Mommy ! What are you doing to me !?
-Just your hair, darling, just your hair.”


Presley baby! Progress


I thought someone was jumping in and sharing a photo of a real baby, I could hardly believe he was a dol! Spectacular! The quality of the eyes is amazing? Do you put any additional gloss over the eyes?


Thank you. Yes I do use a glaze to help with depth.


Brilliant idea, gorgeous work!


Thank you.