Let's Show our Work, or WIP!


That was the last one I have to complete from all my children unless someone surprises me lol so I can get started on figuring out how I want to display them for their family portrait :smile:


Too fun I look forward to seeing their photo shoot


Thank you :blush:!


Thank you very much! :blush:


WIP…My last reborn for sometime cause I need a much needed break from this hobby. I’m going for a Albino reborn i plan on rooting white hair I’m not sure if i should add anymore washing layers or maybe one last light flesh tone layer. What do you ladies think?


Wip of Kenzie. I had so much trouble with her lips.


She looks awesome!


Thank you


My WIP of Thistle. I’m painting him to look like our soon to be piggy Pua!


Thank you


He is looking Great! Keep us updated on his progress!


Thank you!


Trying to convince myself to quit while I’m ahead…


WIP Chase Brown.


My first two customs. This pic is pre eyebrows, I gave them both some last night and Im surprisingly pleased with them…thank you prisma pencils, without you all my babies would be eyebrow-less ;). Ill be giving Reine some nail tips today and then its off to the rooting station :blush: Lighting was bad…Reine is supposed to be more on the pale side but neither one of them are this light.


He’s looking great!!
I just moved one of my customs to my curing rack and washed my Tink…Just need to finish my other baby and Chase is next…cant wait!


The best I’ve seen. What was the problem with her lips?


I love these two cuties. How did you achieve the complexion on the right? I’m trying for that with my Spencer.


I don’t remember the exact colours (golden fluid paint) I used but I typically do different shades of red, yellow, and blue… and sometimes some flesh washes. I use my medium mix that I talked about on the “genesis to air dry” thread and that is what keeps the paint nice and smooth.


They look so fresh faced and realistic. I read that some premix color to prevent an orange or reddish baby. I got a yellow orange and I thinned my layers down. I’m going to try your mediums mixture and see if it works for me.