Let's Show our Work, or WIP!


Melissa George has helped me a lot, Id rather these be a bit darker, and with more details but the Mommy’s wanted them lighter and “clean”.

Sometimes I get too much of one colour…its why my colour wheel is my best friend, you just have to use really thin layers and colour correct when you need to.


How thin do you make yours?


As thin as people make their Genesis paints…basically. Its why use the wetting agent.


I know there is some teal, magenta, parole red light, titan buff, yellow ocre, and purple…I work on the grab and paint method LOL…also the colours I do my blue shading and veining with. I typically use my panpasels for details and blushing. Oh…and I used lip colour by RebornFX


You did a great job and it paid off. Did you make mottling layers?


Thank you. By her mouth being open, I kept looking at her lips with the head tilted up. It was kinda hard to see or find the top lip line. I had to keep looking at her picture n look at her head positioned straight.


Thank you so much and yes I did two on Raine and three or four on Zuri. You can’t really see much in that picture but Ill take more later :slight_smile:


I finished painting my Ashley. Now have hair to do. At the same time, I worked in my first Ultimate Fusion painted baby. Definite learning curve, mostly mixing colors. Ashley is with GHSP and Kimi is UF.


I really wanted aa but almost quit at biracial because I just wanted to be done. Spent the afternoon painting again today and I’m glad I did. My neighbors probably hate me because my yard looks like crap but what you gonna do?


My Realborn 3 Month Joseph and Newborn Joseph! Both are still for sale :heart:


Me too! Yard… who has time for that.


I’m quickly falling in love with this dude… since he is a custom I might have to order another for myself :blush:


Oh my goodness look what I have made!!! Clyde!!! He is the second reborn baby I’ve made! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


You are a natural he is so beautiful, great job!


Now that is sweet !


Looking at them side by side, it’s crazy to think that baby grew that much in 3 months time. His momma must have super milk. :open_mouth:


It is definitely crazy. They look so similar, but completely different sizes. Both are cute though :heart:


What sculpt is this! :heart_eyes::kissing_heart::hugs:


Peanut Lopes!


Hahaha! Her littlest (right now) is also chunky like Joseph :slight_smile: