Let's Show our Work, or WIP!


Rooting Zuri’s hair…this is my first custom and Im doing Raine for her Mother as well…They are both really happy so far so I feel great. Im still on pins and needles waiting for my Summer Rain to reach her Mommy in the US…she’s one of my older dolls and my skill level wasn’t as good as it is now, I sold her for a lower price, of course…shes not bad, she’s just not as good as my recent babies so Im a wreck! Ill post a pic of her as well, in the reborn buff… I did post many detailed pictures of her but still…Im worried!!

and here is my Summer Rain who is in a box half way home currently.

HEHE…I didnt even realise my kitty socks were showing in this picture :joy:


Your rooting is fantastic! And you don’t have anything to worry about with your summer rain she is so beautiful her mommy will love her you will see😉


How am I doing so far? I’m having some issues with eyebrows (nothing new there! Haha!)


She’s adorable!


Thank you so much :blush: and I hope you are right and she is happy with her.


Oh my gosh, she’s so cute!!!
You have done a great job…I hear you with the eyebrows…I HATE eyebrows!


My second Chase…first layer in, so many more to go!!


Work in progress on wee Darren 2, including a small birth mark as requested by his Mummy


I haven’t posted in a while because I’ve been working on this baby and rooting this toddler has been work especially since I’m micro rooting. I will reveal her after she is done and delivered in case the mom is in here lol


What hair did you use? It’s so thick and lustrous.


He looks great so far…I just started mine as well along with Tink :slight_smile:



ready made Arianna (on Timmerman limbs) was going for an older little girl look, sold just sharing


She’s gorgeous!


She is so real looking. I don’t know how you do it.


Wig… yes or no? Will she be big enough to pull off a full head of hair?

Still need a lot done on my Eliza,but wanted to see what she’d be like with her eyes and hair :slight_smile:


No, I don’t think she is big/old enough for this much hair…


She’s stunning! xo


You can always give the wig a haircut if you think it’s too much. I think she’s adorable!


Taking a break from humans tonight for this little guy
This kit sucks btw. I’m on my 5th needle. Parts of the vinyl are soft, other parts are rock hard. :grimacing: