Let's Show our Work, or WIP!


There seems to be some kits that I find, for sale, in Germany that I don’t find on the US sites, but I can’t be sure. I think maybe I came across a Ping Lau kit not long ago that I was looking for on the US sites to get better info and couldn’t find any. I know there is special prices sometimes on the kits made by Europeans…also there is the lovely German vinyl, limbs soft, head hard as a rock!
Im just about to root Reine by Ping Lau with one of those rock hard heads, oh joy! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Please let me know if you see anything interesting. I’m saving for a German or Australian haul. Why are the heads so hard?


Something to do with the chemicals in the vinyl…Im not sure why they can’t make the heads the same as the limbs though, maybe because they would not hold up as well? I don’t know?


That’s probably it. That and the chemicals are probably a little different.


Crocheted cocoon for the small Teagan at the “Modna Lyalka”( “Fashion Doll”) exhibition in Kyiv. We are preparing and waiting for guests😊


Its a little blurry but thought Id share a little Halloween fun LOL. I decided I want to root more hair on Saskia after I put her together, I also forgot her smell good square and she needs more polyfil in her upper body so she sits up better.


I need honest opinions please as I am trying to get better with my artwork. Let me know what you all think…

Thank you


She looks great. How hard is this kit to work with? It’s on my wish list. But I haven’t heard what kind of vinyl it is. Is it soft or hard? Orange or neutral?


It was pink. The limbs are very soft but the head is hard


Good to know. But she sure is cute. :heart_eyes:


Just finished up little Maisie. She is such a sweet baby.


That is adorable!


Thank you :heart:


Thank you


June ultimate fusion paint with prisma hair. I think I always do the same hair, whatever I wanted to achieve.



Have a few details yet. She’s almost there. Her hair is very lightly painted.


Twins finally getting their hair rooted


Reese is listed :slight_smile:


What a cutie :slight_smile:


She looks amazing