Let's Show our Work, or WIP!


I could be just about done if I had not forgot to grab her off the table when I left for work yesterday. I’m rooting with human hair. Is it normal for blonde hair to have black strands in it?


The auburn human hair I rooted had some black strands in it that were thicker than the rest. I just pulled them out


I pulled some out. But I plan to go back over the head n pull out more.


Natural blonde hair has lots of different colors in it. It is rather interesting, actually


custom order TWINS (Elora by Jannie de Lange) going home


Thank you.


They are beautiful and I love their little matching outfits!!


Couldn’t help myself lol. Had to get her started.


Finished painting and sealed this dude. I cant believe I have to let him go… I’m in love. Just rooting left to go.


What a sweet baby!! I love her. :heart_eyes:


I’m a natural blonde. My hair has all kinds of shades in it, ranging from very light to very dark.




Thanks. I also noticed, this hair is thinner than the human hair I used on my ethnics baby.


I love these twins! Where do you find your gorgeous baby clothes?


Finally finished my first reborn Landin Awake. I was too afraid to root him, I am trying to get a head to practice on first. This one is for my grandaughter Savannah. She has been waiting patiently


He looks adorable just as he is leave him bald !


Great job -I know she will love it !


Hold the hair at an angle between 2 fingers and cut the length you want.


I think he looks cute the way he is. Maybe you could paint a little hair on him lightly.


I’ll be so glad when I can reborn again!!! :anguished: