Let's Show our Work, or WIP!


Soooo cute! :heart: I hope my Jennie will be as cute as yours! (haven’t started her yet)


Hehehe! :wink: Silly typo

She is adorable. One of mine’s thighs arrived a bit squished but I think it will pop back to normal when heated or stuffed


Yours is so cute it didnt take much to push me that way LOL.


cuties <3 esp love your Saskia


WIP Lily Beth by Ann Timmerman (now sold, just sharing)


Owen is ready for eyelashes…


@DollyPardon your work is just amazing. Do you do tutorials? I would love to learn from you! I’m not at all surprised that baby went as quick as she did, she’s beautiful! And I love Saskia’s big eyes!


Wow, what a huge compliment! I almost had to laugh though because half the time I feel like I don’t know what I’m doing. :grin: I don’t even have a good system for painting babies yet. I never paint the same way twice. Hopefully one day I’ll get it all figured out… But in the meantime if there’s something you want to know, ask away. I will be happy to help if I can.


So it’s not a wip but this was a really cute note I got from my customer, glad she loves him!! Made my day!


Almost have little Gabriel ready to root. He’ll have dark brown hair.


Time for eyebrows…the only part of reborning that I really hate. :grimacing:



My Charlotte is getting hair.


He’s very cute!! You did a great job.

I am going to make a boy as well, my last Saskia was a girl.


Im sitting here gearing myself up to go put eyebrows on my custom April…IhateitIhateitIhateit! LOL


What a beautiful baby girl! She looks amazing!


You have three babies and manage to find time to create them beautiful babies which seem like an abundance of babies??? How do u find time? #enviousmom


I don’t even like Saskia but yours is adorable!


Shes a beautiful baby!


I hate doing the eyebrows also :frowning: