Let's Show our Work, or WIP!


WOW @specialmoments I love that girl!


Thank you!


Currently working on Angel. With a rhum&coke. Need this to have the courage to paint this kit :wink:


Yes, it did. Thank you so much :heart:


She is absolute perfection, yours is my favorite Betty ever!


Saskia is done :slight_smile: I love her as s girl too! (She’s wearing dress from Sherri-Lynn Christmas swap)


She turned out great


I think it is a precious baby. This pic doesn’t make the lips look too dark


Currently working on puddin


@DollyPardon Beautiful, your skin tones get better and better , if you could bottle it up and sell it I would be first in the queue :grin::grin::grin:


Thank you, @Shosho. That’s very sweet… Maybe one day I can figure out what I’m doing and have steps to recreate a specific skin tone. If I ever do, I will share freely. I got so much from here when I first started off that I’m happy to give back. :blush:


I write down every step I do, that way I can look back and see what works :slight_smile: I’m sure I won’t do that forever, lol, but it sure helps me now


I tried that. It works well until I forget to write the steps… If you knew me and understood how scatter brained I am, this would make perfect sense. :smile:


I’m scatter brained too. I would never be able to keep track of steps, no matter how much I wanted to. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


They are so cute!! You so the beat toddlers I’ve ever seen. :heart_eyes:


Beautiful rooting!!


Think I am done. Maybe a flesh layer, I don’t know. I tried to accentuate the bottom lip. That baby is a tough one !


rooting brittany too as I’m stuck with aria I’m not sure whether to leave her bald or do fine blonde hair


And random and I probably sound stupid but what’s a cuddle baby?


She is one of my favorite versions!!! You did outstanding!