Levi's body


I recently bought a Levi from McPherson’s and ordered the recommended body with it. However, the body seems to be really broad. The length is fine, but it seems as if it should be skinnier.
Has anyone else had this issue or will it all work out when he’s weighted?


I think I used the recommended body with him, and mine looks fine :slight_smile: If you stuff him super tight it might be an issue, but otherwise I don’t think so.


see my video on how I stuffed my levi…it helps a ton!!


Here’s his body with just some polyfill in it. It isn’t stuffed tightly at all. It just looks weird to me.


i dont think that is the right body for him. But I ordered mine directly from bonnie brown :confused:

I would snag a realborn clothbody from BB


Yeah, it’s either that or sew some adjustments.
The realborn bodies are just so much nicer, should have gone with one from the start.


That doesn’t look like mine either :frowning: A realborn body would fit better, I think.


That looks pretty awful; why not send the photo to where you bought it from and ask if they sent you wrong body?


I watched the video,it was eye opening. I never thought to capture the polyfill in a stocking .I just stuff it into the body carefully wrapping it around the weighting material, How does everyone else do the stuffing???


I used to stuff the body normally without the stocking, but they begin to get far to fat. You gotta stuff it a lot to make everything stay put, and of course, baby will be fatter than it should to feel realistic. And get a puffy chest etc. So the stocking helps to hold everything where it should be and the baby feel very nice to hold in the end.


You are the only person I have seen do this. But I am going to try it on my next baby :slight_smile:


I just took mine out of the box to take a pic for you. I ordered from Macphersons. His body came with zip ties already in it and included.


That looks like a great way to hold the stuffing in place, but I didn’t see any weighting materials go in the body or head. Did I miss something in the video or did all the weighting go in the limbs?


Around 5:30 she adds a bag of beads first


I preweighed three glass bead pouches that I placed into pink leotards. The first thing in the body stocking was the largest of the glass bead pouch. After that I stuffed a lot of angel silk, then a smaller pouch of glass beads then more angel silk. Then there is a glass bead pouch in the head first. I preweigh everything before I assemble so that I know how much baby is going to weigh before I even start. It stinks having to readjust.


Thank you @avyona and @jlesser. I just couldn’t imagine he wouldn’t have any but must have missed seeing when it went in. He looks incredibly cuddly. I’m going to have to try this!


It looks like you received the wrong body. The body my Levi came with, from MacPherson’s, did not look like that. A BB Realborn body might be better if you can’t find another replacement.


The other person I’ve seen use a stocking inside the body is Jen Len of Creative Newborns. I am going to try Avyona’s method on my next baby.


Jen Len doesnt put glass beads in hers…she uses poly pellets :slight_smile: So thats a bit of a difference. She also doesnt add any weight at the top torso, its all poly fil. So I guess it depends on if you want a heavier baby or a lighter one as to which you would prefer.


That is exactly how my Ellie Sue body looks

I’m getting a body for her somewhere else.