Liam by Bonnie Brown question


Hello everyone, how are you all?

This is a general question about the 28” Liam by Bonnie Brown kit, which I haven’t painted before and I have not yet received the kit in the mail.

I have added two pictures, showing the blank kit that I got off of Google (credit to the person.)

Does anyone know how I am supposed to weight Liam once he has been painted and finished if his arms and legs each have really tiny holes?
Comparing them to a Bountiful Baby kit, there’s a difference in size and I don’t think I would be able to squeeze any stuffing into his limbs.

If it involves cutting the vinyl to a specific size, please tell me how to do so as I don’t want to end up cutting to much vinyl out of his limbs (specifically in the area that you add weight to.)

If anyone knows how to do this, it would mean the world and I would be ever so grateful for your advice :slight_smile:


That’s a weird kit. I’m working on Liam now. Mine has normal, open flanges. Not sure why that one doesn’t. :confused:


Strange, I was looking on google for pics of the Liam kit as I am going to do one for a lady as a commissioned doll but I came across that pic and wondered if that’s what every Liam kit looks like, I’ve ordered one and haven’t received it yet but hopefully it looks like yours, it did confuse me a little bit though haha!


Just cut the holes bigger


I did a kit like that. I used a funnel to fill part with the glass beads then I stuffed Poly fill in the hole and tamped it in with a wood spoon handle. Hope I never have to undo it.


That looks like it may be a knock-off version of Liam. Mine was fine too, the holes were normal sized.


Where did you buy the kit? I know you wrote you have not received it yet, but if you bought it from a trustworthy seller you will get the kit with normal sized holes. The one in the pics looks like a knock off.


I once had a kit with limbs like that; I just cut across the existing hole and made a slit large enough to put my funnel for the glass through, and then stuff the poly fiber. Then I slid disc of cardboard, or whatever I was using in those days, and glued the cut and the original hole with E6000

I cannot think which kit it was, but it could have been one of the Bonnie Brown ones, it was earlier this year. In any case, it was a kit directly from the sculptor, or one of the well known supply stores. i mostly get my kits on pre-order, so noway mine was fake.


I ordered the kit from a UK based seller who I have ordered a Birdie kit by Laura Lee Eagles and that arrived in good condition - I looked up Liam by Bonnie Brown blank kit on Google to see what the kit looks like unpainted as I have not painted a Liam yet and I came across these two pics showing the Liam kit’s limbs which made me think that all Liam kits’ limbs looked like that with tiny holes.

That is not my kit shown in the pics but as I’ve never painted a Bonnie Brown kit, I was just curious as to why the holes are that small. I think the one shown is a fake kit so if the holes are big like all BB kits then I’ll be alright lol


Okie Dokie, thank you :slight_smile:


My Liam has the regular limbs, just like @Katinafleming. That doesn’t look right…that has to be a pic of a knockoff.


I agree it may be a knock off because the website it is from has a bunch of kits with weird openings. I could see it being a once in a while thing but it’s odd that all the kits she’s selling has them. Her twin A and B also have the same limbs and an odd belly plate. And Saskia has a full vinyl body…


Send the picture you posted here to Bonnie and ask her. If somebody is selling fakes of her kits she should know.