Little Archie- finally getting this guy for sale:)


All of the above :slight_smile:

Mainly camera settings, though


I can do that :slight_smile: Maia Lopes will be my little model once I get her all rooted!


I would be interested. :slight_smile: I’ll take any and all tips. Manual settings would be gtk


Is there anything in particular you’d like to know? I’m trying to find the things that will be most helpful. I’ve already found some nice cheat sheets, and some posing guides. And once Maia is done I’ll be doing a few sections on lighting, how I pose, props I use, maybe make a video on wrapping. It’s different than I would wrap a real baby for photography so I think it’s relevant. Also the difference between phone and camera photos, both in good lighting and bad.
Anything else you ladies can think of? I’m open to all suggestions!


@MilosMeadows I don’t have a fancy camera, but I would like to know that also. Maybe I’ll buy a camera than.


Lighting - I think it the most important.


I would def read a tutorial. I got a new camers as well and it’s not super fancy also has several mode in which you can take pics. I suppose I could also try reading the manual. Lol