Little Vamire


My friend took pictures of my Halloween baby and they turned out great! I will be selling Baby but I need to figure out how all that works first. She is from Fritzi by Karola Wegerich.
I had such a good time working on this project that I may try another at some point; I’m open to constructive criticism. Thanks! Tiff


The baby and the photos are amazing!


Thank you! Fauna said she might quite her job and become a professional toy photographer! Lol


All great as far as I can see !


May I say she is beautiful,love her Can i suggest you shorten her fangs just a smidge just to the bottom of the lip? Just a thought, I just did one and the fangs seemed to crowd her mouth and I made them thinner and shorter and it made a big difference on mine. Hers are perfect thickness wise, mine were too wide. Really super little Vampire, great coloring and love her hair. Nice work!


I agree with @Shera1. I love her… you did a great job !!!


Thank you! I agree, the teeth are leaning a bit toward walrus end of things. I tried filing them down but they are baked on wire and it just wasn’t working. I don’t think I would be able to get them loose and insert new ones without ruining the whole mouth but I will keep this in mind for the next time. I need to spend an afternoon baking batches of practice fangs before the next one! :joy:


Thank you!


Whatever… she is still AMAZING!!!


She is perfect I love the colors you chose instead of all greys for her face!


I love her coloring and pictures are perfectly creepy. I like the long fangs. That’s a real vampire !


I love the ones with the bunny :slight_smile:


You did an amazing job on her!


Thank you! I was on the fence about the pink cheeks :slight_smile:


It is very hard to judge fangs sizes til you put them in, I tend to go too big and its hard to pare down.I thought I would use one fang that fit on one of mine and then realized all the mouths are different,fangs are tough. Let me know how it worked out for you. I’m sure you will do more vamps, yours is gorgeous! I like the cheeks with color,are you listing her anywhere or is she a keeper?:star_struck:


I like the fangs…shes like Nosferatu’s daughter :wink:


I want to sell her so I can buy a Samira. Just got to figure out exactly how to go about selling and what to charge. Can I see one of your vampires? How do you make fangs?


Thank you!


My vampire is not as lovely as yours matter of fact not lovely at all. I really hate the Celeste sculp so I couldn’t make her other than horror what an ugly mouth. . I use those plastic teeth from Irresistables or Sandies. You can separate them and clip them with nail clippers and they have a spike end so you poke a hole out ,put

glue on them and insert. Much easier than making them.


I am no expert on vampires, but I think she’s adorable. I love the blue creases and those are probably her “permanent fangs”. She’ll grow into them in a few years. LOL. You did a great job!