Long list of Kits for sale PRICES REDUCED MORE ADDED


Chloe Natali blick $260 SOLD
Angelina Strydom $170
Kylie Strydom $150
Elyse Brace $180
Presley asleep $135
Mathis Legler $135
Ella Wegerich $125
Julietta awake $120
Mikki Marita winters $130
Sharlamae Brown $240 HOLD
Emma Stoete Toddler with body $125
Eva Delange toddler with body $125
Tim Gudrun Legler $120
Sandy sheila Michael with torso $110 SOLD
Raven by Tamie Yarie $85
George toddler Ping Lau $100
Josie leigh Connie Burke with body $80
Amelie Heike Kolpin $65
Ariella Reva Schick $75
Fienchen by Petra Seiffert with body $80
Amelie Cradle kit with body $90 or $75 without body
Rory donofrio $65
Johanna Wegerich with body $75 or $60 without body
Kristan Phil donnelly $65
Ivy E. Marx $75
Freya t. Kewy with body $105 SOLD
Adelya Olga auer $90
Andrea L. Scherer $65
Anouk Heike Kolpin $90
Lauri by Elisa Marx $80
Nina G. Legler $70
Kimberely Realborn $45
Aspen Rose by M. Fagan $70
Vivien E.wosnjuk $65
Auke by M. Geeerlings $60
Oliver by corrine Kauffeler $60
Levi Kolpin $80
Aspen Rose M. Fagan $65
Marley and Olive timmerman twins $75 each or both for $140
Ask questions if needed- smoke free home, none have been painted on. I may have extra bodies- try to get back to you as soon as I can- work during the week.

I also have an extra Saskia for Trade…


I have been wanting this kit for a while but I am dolly poor right now :frowning:

@Blissfulbabies she has a Chloe!! I know you have been looking for her.


Any trades?


If you pull a limb…lol, can pm offers


I like your new avatar/photo! Shows your smile a lot better!


jill sold
Chloe pending


I’d love the Presley asleep.


Do you have Sophie wonsnjuk (spell check) by chance?


No I don’t have Sophie- I do have Vivien


Okay let me know your pp info in a pm if you like…


BUMP up please


Is the Sharlamae still available?


Pm sent :slightly_smiling_face: