Look What My Puppy Did


I got a new dining room suit in May. My puppy did this in a matter of an hour. Luckily we had insurance that is replacing two legs. She also got a hold of my new coffee table. No extra insurance on that. She is just so cute it is hard to get made at her. She is now almost five months old.


What a cutie!! But wow what a job he did!!


Bitter apple spray will keep her from doing it again. :heartpulse:
She is adorable.


She is so cute!!


She has the absolute best personality and loves every one.


Casper is 4 months they are close in age!


Oops!!! Yes… bitter apple spray! Stat!!! Your puppy is adorable!!!


But look at that face! It’s good you had insurance on the table. I just got around to reupholstering an arm chair my nine year old dog chewed up as a puppy!


Oh boy, it’s a good thing she is cute!


I feel your pain! My dining chairs match your table. But my dog isn’t a puppy, she’s a bored 1 year old. That’s why she’s getting a brother tomorrow. My hope is they will play together and tire each other out. Hopefully tired dogs will have no interest in mischief.


Can’t wait to see pics. @moonbeam


This is the best pic I could find…he actually ate both arms:( Just got my new/old chair back last week


I will definitely share pictures!


I need that chair! @ZeldaDawn


It’s the best reading chair and it came from my grandma’s house! I’ve been dragging it from basement to basement since the dog ate it! Lol


What is bitter apple spray and where can it be found?


It makes things taste bad to the dog so they won’t chew it.


Thanks! If I ever have a puppy again I will try to remember this. It could have saved me over the years! :slight_smile:


Looks like you better start buying lots of hard toys for her to chew on while she is cutting her teeth. One of my Great Dane puppies did this in his new home to an antique table worth $20 000!!! Her new owner seemed to think it was funny. If it was my table I would be having murderous thoughts LOL


What’s bitter apple spray???