Love this baby on ebay.. :)

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Love this baby and I think I have 2 of her babies … (well I have one and Kennedy my granddaughter has one) …


Beautiful baby.



Beautifully done… The Susan Nagel mohair she used looks lovely… may need to look into that…


Oh, yeah, that is one gorgeous baby! I’ve got her on my watch list…like, I’m sure I can swoop in and afford her at the last minute.


Stunning baby but is she kinda ashy tones or is it my screen?


she does seem flawless!!! She’s beautiful!!


Beautiful is an understatement for this baby! I can’t wait until my skills are this refined. Absolutely gorgeous and I love her little outfits. Her upclose pictures gave me the idea to paint the intercorner of the eyes, she’s very realistic. Thank you for sharing!


She is gorgeous! Saving pictures for reference - not that I remember to look at them when I’m painting…


The doll is pretty. but that’s how I see it, as a pretty doll; just doesn’t look like a real baby to me. Sorry! just my opinion!


so glad its not just me Rhonda! I think its her lip color that I find off, her presentation is beautiful which has obviously done the job and good luck to her but I have seen better babies by some of the ladies here.