I have items I have ordered from etsy, ebay, and UK and they all have not arrived. Can anyone tell me how long I should wait before I file a claim?
So I live in NC, USA. My eyes from the UK have not arrived (put in on the 18th of november). It does not show any shipping info on paypal.;/


Maybe your order didn’t go through


I would reach out to the seller and see what is going on. Shipping is slower at this time of year but you should at least have tracking by now!


I have an order from BB place on 22 and it just arrived in Canada (customs). So be patient, could take a month from UK sometimes, depend of the type of shipping. You don’t have necessarily a tracking number every time too.


I assumed because it was the UK there may not be tracking. I sent a message.


For my husband and I over the last couple of weeks, EVERYTHING is taking very long to ship. Waiting on Etsy and many other items much longer than usual. Concerned if I need to get a baby to someone in time for the holiday!


I figured! It is just so odd, I see some of my listing in transit and it is taking forever even in the us


Mail has been delayed due to holidays as well as the former president’s funeral. USPS Priority mail is taking 4-6 days at the moment. FedEx is about a day behind.


My etsy purchase came today. My ebay should have been here before the etsy and my eyes are somewhere floating lol