Mathis Gurdun LEGLER kit for sale


The sweet Mathis kit for sale $100 USD includes ( body ) COA is avaiable .
Pm me for safety photos if Interested .
Shipping included in Canada and USA


I want him please.


I keep reading about safety photos. What are they?


That’s when you take a photo of what you’re selling that has today’s date on it, on a piece of paper, so people will know that you have the item in your possession and you are not a scam artist.


Thank you so much! There are lots of things to learn about this hobby. :slight_smile: This makes good sense to me.


Yes . I will send her a photo with today’s date and my name . Etc


Hi . Will take the photo and forward it in a PM .


Feel free to ask the forum member with any questions you may have .


Thank you. I do feel free to ask. And everyone is so helpful here. I do appreciate it. Thank you for being open to help also.