Meet baby Landon!


This little guy will be hard to part with! I finally got the light pale skin tones I’ve been working for. Hope you enjoy the pictures :slight_smile:


He looks great! You did such a good job on nails and palms of this baby


He is adorable! Love his nails!!


WOW you did an outstanding job on this baby- absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!




Cute :slight_smile:


He’s so adorable!!


Beautiful baby! :blue_heart:


Thank you so much ladies :heart_eyes:


Great job!


I agree is hands and feet are perfection. Well done, he’s beautiful!


Wow, those hands are beautiful! The nails too! Well done!




Thank you! All I did was change the pictures and wham!


Hopefully his Momma doesn’t want to bathe him :wink: lol


Lol! :joy: I know right?!? I still haven’t hear back from that buyer. I get so nervous dealing with people as there are a lot of dishonest people who will think nothing of taking advantage of others. :disappointed_relieved:


I love your Landon, @Mommy2five!!!


Thank you @Simone :sparkling_heart: