Micro preemie kit


I shop on Once so Real and there is no way I can translate the German into English so I sometimes end up buying something I didnt really want. I bought a micro preemie hunny bug paci and Ive always wanted to do a micro preemie so can you guys give me some kit names?..are there any new ones?
Thanks in advance.


All the mini kits by Marita Winters are cute!


Wee Patience and Wee Mouse by LAURA Lee Eagles


Oh I love them and Im definitely getting one of those later but I really like Wee Mouse and she comes with a belly plate and her body which is a big plus, thank you for pointing out the Winters babies and thank you @LisaLynn


Have you tried the Google translate?


I’m not perfect, but I speak some German. I’d be happy to help you navigate the website.


Yeah, next time I am confused I need to get your help. I have been doing pretty well actually, I shop there a lot now :wink:


It doesn’t work with that site and you can’t even copy and paste. I have learned some words by manually typing words and passages into my translator though.


OK. I know I have used it at times, but not sure which languages I was translating. I am sorry it did not work for you.


It has something to do with the website itself that you can’t use translators. I use google translate all the time because I live in France and my French sucks LOL. My hubby is French, I know a lot but I can’t carry on a conversation, plus everyone speaks English to me so Im not immersed completely.