Mohair dilemma


What color are you looking for!


Thank you :blush:
Its funny how the ones you think you didnt really do that great on sells in a matter of hours, at least thats the way it works for me :wink:


I want a dark brown with no red tones.


Let me see what I have


Thank you!


I have dark brown yearling, dark intense brown and dark golden brown. Let me know if you are interested. All from J’s Premium Mohair which I love!


This looks like roving. It’s used for spinning into yarn. I made the same mistake years ago. It’s super soft but doesn’t work as reborn hair.


I really don’t care for the really fine stuff. I find that it gets super messy.


I use Js mohair to and it’s wonderful.


That’s beautiful mohair! Thank you so much for the offer, but I need straight hair. Those all look wavy?
Is there a page I can see what J’s has available?


@Tessa I’ll buy your Ruby Red from you, but not the other stuff.


I have some chocolate brown HP babylocks that I don’t need. It’s very straight but might be darker than what you want.


You are correct. I get mohair from the Quirky mohair maker too. I love it. I also get Slumberland and Delta Dawn. I got rid of cheapo mohair quite a few years ago. You paint a gorgeous doll just to ruin it with crappy mohair! No way!


The little bit I have left of Ruby Red you can have. I no longer use it. I’ll send you some of the other stuff too. Lol.



This reminds of the mohair they made wigs out of for old fashioned “dolls of the world”

I wouldn’t get rid of it, it’s super fine and I am wondering if it would be good for baby fine hair and peach fuzz?

I buy some inexpensive hair from Dolls by Sandie. It doesn’t look like it is going to be nice hair, it has that fuzzy look like above but it goes in easily and when you wet and style it, it curls up and looks really pretty.

A lot of people like yearling hair, it is a little thicker, looks soft and almost like people hair.

I don’t root whole heads so I don’t invest a lot in the top of the line stuff,I do have some and it really does make a difference, i use it sparingly.


@Gabriell Hi Gina, is this what you are buying from Dolls by Sandie? I need probably just 1/4oz for rooting baby Avi’s mohawk, but other places that were recommended has delays in orders. Will it work for him? If Yes, which color is better: Medium Brown or Dark Brown?



I do. I buy this for eyelashes and top rooting sometimes depending on the baby and the color. It lasts me forever!

I don’t think I would use it for a whole head but may try to someday. My rooting skills are seriously lacking. I use a 42 single barb with this hair and it works fine.

Disclaimer: This does not take the place of super quality mohair but if you don’t want to spend a lot and you are just learning or just need it for eyelashes its great to have in your stash. Tell Sandy I sent you, I may have made a house payment or two for her! (smile) she really is a pleasure to work with.


Yes, you have made some valid points. I conditioned the hair a little and put the rooted head in the Nuwave with a warm cloth on it. It made it a lot smoother and shiny. It’s perfect for combi hair and lashes which is what I used it for on Olivia’s baby. ( I will be posting pictures of her baby shortly because he was “born” tonight! Yay!)
I went back and read the sellers listing, and it states that you have to pull the hair apart which gives you 5-7” pieces. The hair that’s not broken or too dry is actually quite nice. It’s really, really soft and fine and like you said, makes perfect peach fuzz.
I paid $17.33 per oz of this mohair and had it shipped from the U.K. Im going to work with it and use it, but I won’t be doing a full head of hair with it for sure. But I guess it wasn’t a complete waste.

@YelenaRey if you need some, I can send you some.


@Tessa glad you are finding some use for it!