Most Realistic newborn you’ve reborned


I’m looking for some inspiration. I have a couple of reborns I’d like to gift some people. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a BB kit. If you have a pic that’s a plus. Sometimes the pictures they use for selling don’t really inspire me to buy.


I’m totally in love with Peanut Lopes right now.


I’m not finished with this guy yet but he is a favorite


My favorite was Levi.


@Pitmom390 @LisaLynn beautiful babies. Thank you :blush:


Kyle from BB and the second is by Laura tuzio ross


Darren is pretty realistic! He’s my favorite!


Peanut is Levi’s little brother Pierson :slight_smile:


Did you make that second baby, the one by Laura Tuzio Ross?


I love her expression. I’ve never seen her before. Ty for sharing.


I love the way he balls his fist. I’ll have to take another look at him. See what he looks like as a girl.


Yes. She has painted hair.


I bought that baby about 4 or 5 years ago on Etsy. It was my first reborn. I then donated it to a lady who was dying for comfort. I think my great niece ended up with it. I made it a boy.


Ramsey is such a realistic newborn! Haven’t started her yet but oh so perfect :purple_heart:
Darren is also super sweet if you do want a BB kit!


This is a wip baby I’m working on…just gotta put eyebrows on and as soon as I get the hair I ordered I’ll root hair and eyes lashes. This baby I’m working on is for one of my assistant managers.

she is going to have strawberry blonde hair that @Rainbowbabies made for me. this picture is before the final conditioning. I know it will be absolutely beautiful. Can’t wait to see it in person :heart:


Landon Awake, Nina, and Adalyn, maybe?

Ok, and yes…Levi:


beautiful, can’t wait to see when you add hair.


I love your babies. Is the second to last adalyn? I forgot all about little levi. I’m thinking Levi and the baby in @micholc pic. So many precious babies. I wish I could just paint and hold babies everyday. It’s hard when I have to part with them.


Yes, this is Adalyn

You’re very kind to be doing babies as gifts; they will be very happily received, for sure! Please share pics so we can see when you get them all done :blush:


she’s darling. I definitely will :slight_smile: