My 1st try at reborning from a picture


My hubby wanted my to try to do a reborn and make them look like our boys so I did Im new at reborning to begin with. So here is my 1st crack at making one look like a baby from a picture which in this case is my 1st born son Dylan next is Jimmie my youngest. I thinks its ok. I wish the outfit didnt swallow this doll LOL so I bought him a outfit that fits him.They only had a preemie that looked closest to him.What do you think be honest

[attachment=2]reborns I have made 001 (450x338).jpg[/attachment]

[attachment=0]reborns I have made 002 (450x338).jpg[/attachment]

[attachment=1]reborns I have made 003 (450x338).jpg[/attachment]


WOW, you did a great job!! Your kit choice is just perfect!! I can’t wait to see your next one.


You did a great job matching the kit with the photo. You did a great job with the reborning, too. You did a good job getting the eyebrow shape the same. I did notice, though, the placement of one eyebrow is higher. Nothing you can do know and it is not that noticeable. I try to lightly pencil a few strokes and then stand back and look. With this sculpt you can see a brow ridge, which helps.


Thanks all and thanks for the tip


Fantastic choice!


I noticed your first 2 on eBay didn’t make the reserve you had set for them… What was the reserve? just curious??


Think they where 200 and 125


— Begin quote from “chicntexas”

Think they where 200 and 125

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are you relisting??


Yes they are on now


The kit is a good match. And you got the hair and coloring right too. How hard was it to do it from a photo? Someday I might get up the nerve to try doing my kids but I’m not sure yet. I sort of like not having to compare the reborn to my reality! I have enough problems without adding more frustration because I couldn’t get it perfect.


I think he came out fantastic! what fun! My hubby wanted his own baby…I made Lilly as a boy dressed in a Red Sox outfit. He loves him, except he’s superstitious about sports so he has a ritual!


thanks all it was not to bad trying to make the copy of him


Aww!! Good job!! Looks just like your son!


Wow that’s really good!!


Awesome JOb and awesom kit selection!


Great match!


Thanks all